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Miller Group and Atomically Resolved Dynamics

Details about the new logo:

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The group is devoted to understanding the primary processes of molecular reaction dynamics with a major emphasis on understanding the connection between the chemistry driving biological functions and the highly optimized structures that have evolved in biological systems. To this end, we have developed some of the world’s brightest electron sources to literally light up atomic motions to directly resolve this structure-function correlation and to provide the most fundamental (atomic) basis for understanding chemical and biological processes.

Miller Group Toronto Miller Group Legacy Labs
The group is located in the departments of Physics and Chemistry at the University of Toronto. The University is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, and has one of the largest and strongest graduate programs in the country. The Miller group labs house state of the art instrumentation developed by the group. The goal is to create the Centre for Atomically Resolved Dynamics (tentative title) that will explore an open concept for collaborations.